Mediation, as a type of Alternative Dispute Resolution, is a process wherein two or more conflicting parties meet with a mutually selected neutral person (mediator) who assists them in the negotiations on the dispute issues and helps to work out their own solutions that meet the interests of all parties concerned.



Benefits of mediation:


saves time                        - solution is found faster than in most judicial

                                              proceedings which may last forever

is less expensive                        – as compared to financing endless judicial

                                              proceedings and lawyers who like to keep them


is confidential                 - as a rule, court sessions are opened to public

                                             and decisions are published on court’s internet site,

                                             while mediation remains strictly confidential

gives opportunity           - to keep relationship and to avoid disputes in future

reflects your own will    - in litigation it is the judge who decides the case, while

                                              in mediation – no one but you

is flexible                          - the judge decides the case applying narrow path of

                                              law, while mediation allows to settle the dispute in

                                              broad ways that still respect the law

is informal                        - unlike in court, you are not summoned, it’s up to you

                                              to work out desirable schedule of meetings                                 


What we offer:


Free basic legal expertise

                  Organization of negotiations

                                       Assistance in finding solution

                                                         Drafting mediation agreement

                                                                        Assistance in post-agreement proceedings



About us:


Kyiv mediation center is a NGO founded in 2014 by lawyers who came to conclusion that judicial proceedings in Ukraine usually do not resolve disputes but rather create a chain of new ones. We believe that no judge in the world knows how to resolve the dispute better than parties themselves. Thus, all the disputing parties need is a will to communicate in good faith. If they have one – we’ll take care of all the rest.



      Kyiv mediation center



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